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May 25, 2023 • Deep Dive

Taste the Cape

If you’re not in Cape May for Memorial Day weekend, you can still celebrate with CMBC! Head to your local retailer in New Jersey, Delaware or Pennsylvania to be able to bring a taste of the Cape home with you.

Not sure which beer to get? We have some suggestions for you and so do our fans! We did a Q&A on our Instagram page to get some feedback on why people love Orange Crushin’ It, the Cape May Variety Pack, and our Hard Iced Tea / Hard Lemonade. Below are some of the responses we got!

Variety Pack:

“The wave of different feels and flavors!!!” - @jusman1994

“Love the packaging! It compliments the drinks so well.” - @ry_mcn

“Obvious answer but the variety! I like a beer for every occasion at the right price.” - @mnightshyamalan

“All of it at once!” - @angmu369

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Orange Crushin’ It:

“Everything!” - @jamesjneal

“Smooth, fruity, perfect for a hot day.” - @teakonen

“It’s the best can of beer OJ I’ve ever had!! Easy drinking on a clear summer day!!” - @jusman199 4

“Everything! It’s my favorite!” - @jen_1177


Hard Iced Tea / Hard Lemonade:

“Unbelievable on their own in terms of flavor profile and AMAZINGLY refreshing mixed together.” - @eileenwainwright

“Quality does not just taste like malt liquor, it tastes like good lemonade and ice tea.” - @jjingoli

“The ice tea is literally so good.” - @derbklyn

“Hard lemonade is perfect. Tastes like real boardwalk lemonade and not the over sugared lemonade.” - @pmurphy79

Whether you’re enjoying these Cape May brews or something else from our line up, we have something for everyone! From IPAs to shandies to fruit beers, there’s a brew for every palate.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and if you’re celebrating with us make sure to tag us on Instagram at @capemaybrewco. If you are in the area, pop in our Tasting Room to check out all the fun things we have going on!

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