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  • Because beer is awesome, and the people who work in the industry are even better! It doesn't matter if you're a beer newbie, a beer pro, or if you don't partake at all—we welcome everyone!

  • Careerspgbeer

    1. Beer! LOTS of beer

    2. Discount on merch, and free swag for new Crew members!

    3. Competitive salaries and all the usual benefits, including Principal 401K, Cigna Health Care, and more.

    4. A cooperative and welcoming work culture

    5. Working near gorgeous, historic Cape May!

  • Our team operates under seven core values, which we all take to heart and use to guide each day at work and our interactions with each other and our fans! These include: Be a Pro, Be Direct, Honest & Respectful, Be a Good Neighbor, and Have Fun!

  • We partner with a number of local organizations, and regularly find ways to work with the local community, whether it's collaborating on an event, holding pint nights, or brewing special beers!

  • Philanthropy

    Give back! At CMBC, we're always finding ways to improve our community, whether it's getting festive with our fellow airport businesses, collecting goods during our annual Food Drive, or cleaning up the airport and beaches!

  • Each quarter, we recognize the accomplishments of our Brew Crew team and award one person the ultimate Crushin' It Kudos! We love to honor our crew and the amazing work that they do each and every day.



To apply, please click the link in the job description. You will be asked about your work experience, skills, and references, and you’ll have an opportunity to upload your resume and cover letter through the system. You can also print out and submit your application in person to the Cape May Brewing Company Tasting Room in Cape May at 1250 Hornet Rd, open daily.

Our Core Values

1. Be a Pro

Reliable and dependable • Take action and see it through • Lead by example • Think before you react


Brigitta Faragasso

Brigitta embodies professionalism and consistently raises the bar in every aspect of her work, continuously elevating our collective efforts. Her unwavering commitments to excellence, reliability, and dependability perfectly encapsulate our first Core Value.

2. Be Direct, Honest & Respectful

Be objective, not personal • Listen first • Value other people’s time

Richie Rallo

Richie Rallo

As our most tenured employee, Richie has been a cornerstone in shaping not just our culture, but in cultivating our Core Values. His influence extends far beyond his tenure, setting an exemplary standard for all. His hallmark lies in consistently offering insightful, constructive, and timely feedback with respect and tact.

3. Foster Creativity

Give your intuition a chance • Try something new • Share ideas and communicate openly • Embrace change

Brad Young

Brad Young

Brad’s talent extends far beyond crafting innovative and delectable recipes - though, we might admit our bias on that front. His knack for sparking creativity and fostering seamless collaboration is unmatched. His exceptional ability to inspire creativity and bring teams together stands as a testament to his unparalleled skill in nurturing collaboration and creativity.

4. Be a Good Neighbor

Give back and create positive change • Help others • Turn caring into doing • Be empathetic, reliable, and accessible

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Tasting Room Team

The Tasting Room team consistently goes above and beyond to be Good Neighbors whether it’s with one another internally or with external folks. Our Tasting Room team excels at creating programming in the name of supporting our community whether it’s in the form of a monthly Pint Night to raise money for local organizations or organizing our yearly food drive to support the local food banks, this crew knows how to show up and show out.

5. Work Safe, Work Smart

See something, say something • No shortcuts • No one is above safety

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Rob Page & Rich Piorkowski

As the backbone of our maintenance operations, Rich and Rob form an unstoppable duo, tirelessly managing the lion’s share of our preventative maintenance and repairs across multiple buildings and facilities. Whether they’re fine-tuning complex machinery, upgrading equipment, or simply ensuring proper lighting, their dedication ensures that our teams can function in safe environments without worry.

6. Make it Better

Be curious • Constant improvement big and small • Accept and give feedback; we can all get better

Sean Mc Guirl

Sean McGuirl

Sean bravely took on the demanding responsibility of meticulously crafting, revising, updating, and developing an extensive collection of Standard Operating Procedures for the Production team - a task that often goes unrecognized. These meticulously crafted SOPs stand as a cornerstone of our operational success, providing essential guidelines and protocols that are indispensable in ensuring the excellence of our operations.

7. Have Fun

Celebrate the wins • Take what you do seriously, but not yourself • Make friends

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The Brew Crew

Every Friday, the Brew Crew congregates in the Tasting Room for one of our most cherished traditions, a special Brew Crew Hoppy Hour! From animated conversations about the latest brews to friendly competitions or impromptu games, you can always catch members of the Brew Crew having fun together. This time together is not just a gathering – its a vibrant celebration of the week’s accomplishments.

Learn more about our health care provider, Cigna, at the link here.

Cape May Brewing Company is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran status, genetic information, or any other protected information. Cape May Brewing Company is committed to providing access, equal opportunity, and reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities in employment. To request reasonable accommodation to participate in the job application, interview, and/or hiring process, please contact Cody Danks, Head of People Operations at (609) 849-9933 ext. 1052 or [email protected].