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Bay Dazezenreach

Aug 26, 2021 • Beverage Updates + Releases

Welcome Back Captain May and Hello Bay Daze!

This week, a double can release is back, and we’re bringing two incredible options: the return of Captain May IPA, and a new sessionable sour, Bay Daze!

Check out why you need to add these two to cart, stop by our Tasting Room this weekend, or mark your calendars for Captain May’s release near you!

Bay Daze is one of those beers that a lot of people look for - it’s light, super crushable, and it’s coming in at a perfect time just as summer is winding down.

The cherry-lime aspects aren’t overly tart, overly sweet, or overpowering, giving it some nice notes each time you take a drink.

We caught up with resident sour guru, Lab Technician Matt Allen, to get some of his thoughts on our latest sour release.

“Bay Daze is a light, sessionable sour that packs a fruity punch of cherry and a little bit of lime,” he says.

“It's the perfect beer for a beach day that turns into a beach evening laying in your chair, wrapped in a blanket, reading books about brewing,” he shares.

(Ed. note: Reading books about brewing on the beach? That, uh, that’s some next-level beer nerd stuff right there, Matt!)

Matt agrees that it’s light enough to drink all day (coming in at just 4.7% ABV), but mentions that “it’s complex enough that every sip picks up different tasting and aroma notes.”

On the lab side of things, this beer is a pretty straight-forward kettle sour.

“The fun part about this beer is that most of the fruit is fermented out during the beginning of fermentation, which leads to a very nice crisp and deliberate key lime and cherry fruit flavor,” Matt says.

So that’s where the awesome flavor comes from!

We’re excited for everyone to try it, and you can get pints (or a flight pour!) for a limited time while supplies last in our Tasting Room, or take the plunge and grab a six-pack to-go from our Brewtique while you visit. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s only available in our Tasting Room while supplies last, so make sure you grab some while you can!

As for our other release this week, Captain May is a yearly favorite.

Captain May debuted in 2019, finding its place amongst our other current 16-oz seasonal IPAs, including Snag & Drop, Follow the Gull, and City to Shore.

Captain May went through quite a few iterations of our R.A.D. (research and development) process to get to where it is today, and every year, we tweak the recipes bit by bit to make our beers just that much better.

The hops for this brew include Centennial, Simcoe, Comet, and Cashmere.

You might recall that Centennial is in long-standing favorite Coastal Evacuation, while Simcoe also has a home in fellow seasonal releases City to Shore and Snag & Drop.

Each of our seasonal IPAs gives avid fans something to buzz about, and Captain May IPA is no exception. It’s more of a median ABV at 6.4%, and, much like City to Shore, has an awesome story behind it, named after the Captain whose name represents not only our brewery, but the county and town we call home.

If you’re looking for an IPA with a mouth-watering orange hue with notes of melons and over-ripened mangoes, you’ve got to try this one out.

If you, like us, have looked forward to Captain May each year, you can find it now in our Tasting Room, and it will be out for distribution throughout New Jersey and Delaware starting next Monday, August 30th. Pennsylvania, you may want to pop over and grab some early, or set a reminder in your calendars, as you’ll start seeing it on shelves starting Monday, September 13th.