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Jan 25, 2024 • Beverage Updates + Releases

Untappd Reviews: Cape May IPA

If you had to guess Cape May Brewing Company’s top beer on Untappd, what would you say?

Well if you guessed Cape May IPA, you’d be right. Four for you, Glen Coco!

This O.G. started it all for us, and it’s remained a fan-favorite for the past 13 years.

[Ed note: YEP, Cape May Brewing Company is becoming a teenager this year. We can’t believe it either.]

See what people have to say about the first beer we Crafted on the Cape this month:

  1. “Solid IPA… West Coast style meets NEIPA.” - Steve Y.

  2. “Overall a decent solid IPA. Floral and citrus notes, balanced palate and hops. Light finish and slight lingering of the hops. Good lawnmower IPA or a refreshing, crushable brew for the beach.” - Michael A.

  3. “A surprisingly delightful IPA. Not harsh or heavy like many IPAs so non IPA drinkers can enjoy it. It has a fun smooth creamy citrusy texture. Goes down easy. And it’s got a great ABV. I loved it.” - Gleseler L.

  4. “Hoppy and smooth.” - Vigs

  5. “Very good and very tasty” - Justin P.

  6. “Really crisp and refreshing. Hops are not overwhelming. Great drink.” - Justin U.

  7. “6.3% ABV. Crisp and tasty! Year round go-to.” - Kyle E.

  8. “What a beautiful day finally! Cape May IPA one of the best 🍺” - Ted S.

Have you tried Cape May IPA yet? If not, it sounds like a great time to find it near you using our Beer Finder and rate it on Untappd.