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Jun 8, 2023 • Deep Dive

Things are Just Peachy!

Whether you’re a lover of sour beers or you’re looking to ease your way into them, Peach Ring Sour is an approachable brew for everyone. It gives you the best of both worlds: sweet yet tangy!

The inspiration behind this beer was no other than the nostalgic Peach Ring gummy candies. Why not turn everyone’s favorite childhood candy into an adult beverage? It was a no-brainer!

We got together with some of our team from Production in the Barrel Room to do a taste test with them. There’s no better way to break-up the week than with an exclusive sampling of our newest beer release.

We cracked open two deliciously chilled cans of Peach Ring Sour, poured it into cups and passed them around for everyone to try. The aroma is what hit everyone first.

“It smells just like if you cracked open a bag of sour gummy candies”, said Erik Hausser, Packaging Operator.

Everyone agreed, the smell of the beer was nothing short of peachy and fruity.

Next, everyone’s favorite part, tasting the beer. The beer was a hit amongst the team. It was some people’s first time tasting it, while others were fans from last year’s release. It’s safe to say the newbies were successfully converted to sour beer lovers.

“Having never tried a sour beer before, I’m surprised with how much I like this. This beer is perfect for people who are looking to try a sour one. It has a great balance of tart and sweet”, said Kat Dingee, Digital Marketing Coordinator.

“Sour beers need a half pour before you make your decision on whether you like it or not,” said Lauren Appleman, Lab Manager. “With this beer you first taste the sour, but then when you go back you get the other flavors; you get the peach, you get the candy and you get the sweetness.”

Our team did an amazing job at perfecting the taste for this year’s Peach Ring Sour. We’re not kidding when we say it tastes just like the actual sour gummy candies, because that’s exactly what our Brewers were going for.

“I think we really nailed the formula this year.” said Lead Brewer, Brad Young. “We changed it slightly to make it more reminiscent of the actual candy. We started looking through the ingredients and realized we could put a lot of that into the beer.”

As the weather gets warmer, everyone agrees that Peach Ring Sour is just the icy cold beer you want to be cracking on a hot summer day. The responses were unanimous:

“This beer is so refreshing and is perfect to drink now that it’s warmer outside. This is something I would pop in the cooler and enjoy after work”, said Connor Czap, Packaging Operator.

“It’s nice and sour. This would be a great beach beer,” said Paul Greer, Packaging Supervisor.

“If you like candy, peaches and beer this one's for you,” said Kohry Long, Marketing Intern.

“This tastes exactly like the real candy,” said Chris Baruffi, Brewer 2.

Lauren Appleman, Lab Manager, said what we all were thinking, “Anything sour and gummy I will eat entirely too much of, so this beer absolutely works.”

Our Peach Ring Sour beer is one you won’t want to miss out on. It’s now on sale in our Brewtique for $14.99 as well as on draft in our Tasting Room.