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Feb 17, 2022 • Beverage Updates + Releases

Things Are Just Peachy

If you’ve been following our brews for a while now, you know that we love to experiment with food and beverage flavor profiles, just to see if we can make a beer that will compliment them!

Peach Ring Sour is another that gets that recipe exactly right.

In fact, this year’s batch, according to Brew Crew fans Sean McGuirl and Polly Pollock-Bell, is even more dialed in, with more peach-forward overtones, and an even more nuanced vanilla profile to complement the tartness of the brew’s sour characteristics.

To celebrate the return of this brew, we did a mini-photoshoot.

Check it out!

"Peach Ring Sour is a great beer that kicks off the warmer weather that's approaching. It is absolutely delightful - fresh and sour. We get a lot of free beer working here, but I go out of my way to buy at least two cases of this brew whenever it's released," says Polly.

"The brewery smells so lekker on canning day - peaches for days! I can smash this 16oz sour boi every day until the cases run dry," she says with a grin.

[Ed. note: Lekker is South African for sweet or yummy!]


We went with a classic brewery shot to start, but things got a bit more zany from there...


We think fictional Princess Peach would like our Peach Ring Sour!


Polly wasn't too sure about the glasses at first, but she totally rocks them with her hair!


Yep, it's a good batch.

We also caught up with Peach Ring King Sean McGuirl for some photos. They both definitely understood the assignment, and let us take a ton of fun pictures to celebrate the release this week! Here's some of Sean's:


Sean took his coronation as Princess Peach very seriously.


But he also just really got a kick out of it, like we did!


Sean has the best facial expressions - you can see the gears turning as he assesses the first sips!


Sean when he realized we had four pounds of Peach Ring candies to offer the crew!

Like last year, Peach Ring Sour is available exclusively in our Tasting Room for a limited time. As the weather starts to give hints of getting just a bit warmer, it’s the perfect time to make a quick trip down to visit!

You can find Peach Ring Sour in our Brewtique in 4-packs for $13.99, or you can try it out in a flight or pint from the bar!

Let us know your thoughts on Untappd, or share pics of this gorgeous brew on our social media @capemaybrewco!