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The Purp2020

Feb 20, 2020 • Deep Dive

The Purp Reviews

The reviews are in, and people are loving The Purp!

The Purp is our grape shandy, and it tastes exactly like your favorite grape soda. Like… exactly. It’s sweet, tart, and full of Concord grapy deliciousness.

However, when you throw in a 5.0% ABV, you know that this grape soda should be kept far, far away from your childhood.

Read what people are saying!

“This is purple Gatorade IPA... mind blown.” -- Ry Ty

“Good grape road soda....” -- Clayton H.

“It's purple drank. It's delicious.” -- Derek I.

“Tastes like grape pop!” -- Carley E.

“This is dangerous, it tastes kind of like a grape slushy and goes down smooooooooooth.” -- Cindy W.

“Literally tastes purple.” -- Chris E.

“Grape soda on blast.” -- Hunter L.

“Holy Welch’s.” -- Chaparles

“Tastes like grape soda.” -- Evan S.

“Sipping on some sizzzzurrrrrp.” -- Frank S.

“Grape delicious brew.” -- G. B.

“It’s grape ?” -- Pete H.

“Tastes like grape soda.” -- Max P.

“Really Good! But so fruity.” -- Heather G.

“Like a grape soda beer. Digging it.” -- Frank M.

“Graaaapppppe!” -- Robert

“Who spilled grape soda in my beer?” -- Greg W.

“Um, yeah I can drink a lot of this!!!” -- Lucy C.

“Best fruit beer I have ever had.” -- Bill G.

“Decent summer fruit beer.” -- Chris E.

“Like grape juice.” -- Jesse G.

“It really is like grape soda.” -- Raye A.

“Grape drank.” -- Eve K.

“Fizzy grape adult soda. Tiny tartness. Light and refreshing.” -- Michael S.

“Purple drank.” -- Michael L.

“My mother in law loves it though! Nice work, Cape May! It made her put her wine back in her purse!” -- Ross A.

“Sounded weird, but way better than I could have imagined. Best parts of Welch’s and a crisp cold beer.” -- Todd P.

“I will drink you for all days this summer.” -- Rich

“Ummm taste[s] just like grape soda...might have to [have] my growler filled with this!” -- Sandra S.

“Like grape soda.” -- Greg

“Tastes like grape soda.” -- Kristen M.

“Alcoholic grape juice.” -- Dan P.

“It does taste like grape soda.” -- Brian F.

“Like drinking grape soda.” -- Jeff M.

“It’s interesting in a good way. It’s like a grape soda Marzen.” -- Brian B.

“This is not beer. This is purple juice.” -- Devin W.

“Definitely a summer beer- tastes like a grape ? Jolly Rancher!” -- Traci W.

“Great grape flavor. Present not overpowering, so delicious!” -- Ashley N.

“Very refreshing. Excellent grape flavor.” -- Rob J.

The Purp is available now throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Check our Beer Finder to find a retailer near you!