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Apr 14, 2022 • Beverage Updates + Releases

Summa Down Unda—Gracing Taps This Month!

Summa Down Unda is a pale ale that we first brewed back in 2019 in the dead of winter. It was conceived as a winter brew initially because when it’s winter up here in the northern hemisphere, it’s summer down in the southern hemisphere!

Summa Down Unda is inspired by one of our favorite New Zealand hop varietals—Motueka. Citra, Bravo, and Motueka hops are complimented by a lush addition of Kiwi juice in this juicy brew.

Back when we first made this beer, we hadn’t used Motueka in too much, but now you can also find this hop in Key Lime Corrosion, New Year’s Resolution, Sea Chest, and Swinging the Lamp!

While this brew is just as delicious in the winter, we knew we had to share the love a bit in the summer as well.

You can find it exclusively on draft now in the Tasting Room, and it will be coming to New Jersey, Delaware, and eastern Pennsylvania on draft in the coming weeks!

Take a look at what folks love about this brew:

“AMAZING.”—Kristine L.

[Ed. note: All caps, people!!]

“Crushable! Love it on a warm summer day!”—Ken R.

“Easy drinking.”—Teresa R.

“Winner summer beverage.”—Adam

“Earthy and funky nose. The palate is surprisingly bitter, but with plenty of the advertised kiwi.”—Conor M.

[Ed. note: When we say there’s fruit flavors in it, we mean it! I mean, have you tried our Orange Crushin’ It or Key Lime Corrosion? Even our Hard Seltzers are basically liquid fruit!]

“Tropical fruit aroma. Juicy, tropical, citrusy, a tad sweet, smooth and light-bodied, crushable, with a semi-bitter, semi-acidic, hoppy, slightly wheaty finish. Quite nice!”—Jeff M.

[Ed. note: Thanks, Jeff! We think you’re quite nice as well.]

“Fresh southern hemisphere hoppy pale.”—Elliott J.

“Def a summer beer - light and crushable.”—RZ

“One of the best I’ve had here. Would recommend 🤟🏼.”—Dylan S.

[Ed. note: High praise from Dylan here!! Thanks, Dylan!]

“Nice light and smooth pale ale that’s really juicy. Nice crusher.”—Jason K.

“Absolute crusher.”—Tom F.

[Ed. note: Folks, in case it wasn’t clear, this beer is super crushable.]

“Liked this one a lot. Good flavor, crushable, the touch of kiwi gives it a great subtle flavor.”—Jon S.