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Sticky buns

Oct 21, 2021 • Deep Dive

Sticky Bun—Your New Breakfast Go-To

Our 10th year anniversary isn’t over just yet, and neither are our On the Way to Cape May releases! We still have the three remaining ones left to debut, and No. 008 is out today, Friday October 22nd!

If you’ve had any of our On the Way to Cape May series before (which includes Ice Cream Twist, Watermelon Salt Water Taffy, Root Beer Float, Boardwalk Lemonade, Cape May Salts, Cotton Candy, and Red Fish Water Ice so far), you know that are brewers are wizards when it comes to taking a shore treat and making a beer or beverage that tastes damn near the same!

Sticky Bun Imperial Brown Ale is made with lactose, maple, vanilla, and cinnamon. This 8% ABV decadent brew gives you all the flavors you crave without worrying about getting the sticky sweetness all over your fingers. Perfect for brunch, dessert, and more, Sticky Bun is a great companion to warm your tastebuds and help you gear up for fall.

Our Tasting Room crew literally cheered when we stopped by to give them a sneak peek taste ahead of this release! We got together Brewtique Manager-on-Duty Barb Bur, Assistant Brewtique Manager Karen Flood, Beertender Avery Deane, and Tasting Room Manger Jake Hauser.

“Oo, it looks like a sticky bun,” Barb says as Avery helps pour out the samples.

“It smells yummy,” Karen says.

“Yep, smells like a sticky bun,” says Avery, holding up the cup to his nose.

“Smells like Cinnabon,” Jake agrees.

(Ed. note: Great, now we’re thirsty AND hungry!)

“It’s pretty spot-on,” Avery says.

“I’m really getting the icing flavor,” Barb says.

(Ed. note: That’s the pinch of lactose for ya!)

“Oh yeah, cream cheese icing,” Avery muses.

For those who want to be just a little bit ~extra~, Barb also had the fabulous suggestion of adding a cinnamon rim to your glass when you try it!

As we relish the samples, Karen inquires about the ABV.

Everyone ooohs when it’s confirmed that this brew is 8%. “It’s a pretty smooth 8%,” Avery says.

“It’s like breakfast in a can,” Karen says.

It definitely doesn’t taste like an 8% brew, and the consensus is that it’s not too sweet!

“The cinnamon rounds out the sweetness,” Avery says.

“It’s not overly sugary,” Barb agrees.

With the perfect balance of ingredients and a taste that certainly doesn’t give away the ABV, we agree with Karen’s assertion that this beer is definitely a bit sneaky, and in the best way.

We don’t know about you, but this is one that we’ll definitely need multiple four-packs of!

Tell your friends and family that if they want some, they may have to grab their own, because this one will be hard to share!

You can order Sticky Bun online for pickup in our Tasting Room, or stop by and try it on draft or snag cans to-go from our Brewtique. Let us know what you think and share your food pairings with the brew on Instagram @capemaybrewco.