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Feb 4, 2022 • Deep Dive

Something Big is Brewing...

We’ve wanted this particular upgrade for a while, but no one is more excited about it than our very own Chief Brewing Officer, Brandon Greenwood.

Brandon got his start as a chemist long before he was a brewer, and when he gets excited, you know it’s something really cool.

“I am super stoked that we are nearly able to occupy our new, state-of-the-art quality control lab. It's been a long time in the making, but its completion highlights Cape May Brewing's commitment to providing our customers with world class beer and beyond beer products,” Brandon says. “Some of the cool things we will be able to do now include: propagating our own yeast, bench top fermentations, small scale product development and some top-secret stuff too!"

Top-secret stuff?!

Brandon wouldn’t budge on that yet, but until then, we went to check out this swanky new lab.

Even though we’re ten years old, we’re still pretty small-scale in the grand scheme of things, so our lab setup has largely just been this broom closet:


Over the last few months, we needed to spread out some of our equipment, so there’s also a lab corner in the production office:


But we’ve grown A LOT since we started, not just in the sheer amount of beer produced, but also our team as a whole. Our lab team has gone from a team of one to a team of three—and counting!

Production has been working hard to flush out our staff and get ready for summer, and our lab team definitely needs more space to do their nerd stuff.

Check out their new future home!


“The cabinets are getting installed, so it’s starting to look like a lab. We’re going to paint it and put lights in it; we’re just waiting for power hookup,” Brewery Operations Manager James Fox says.

“From there, we’re going to start moving all the equipment in,” he says. “Down the road, we’ll be adding laminar flow hoods, which will give us more testing ability.”

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Our lab team’s new place is pretty awesome already! We can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished, and we’ll be chatting with the team about it, so keep an eye out for more in the coming months!