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Aug 30, 2023 • Beverage Updates + Releases

Sippin' Through September

Don’t wake me up when September ends, wake me up when September Sessions: Blackberry is released!

Are you looking for a sweet, yet tart beer? A refreshing, but tangy brew? A drink made with real blackberries? Put your phone down. Stop googling “delicious beers near me”, because your next favorite brew is closer than you think. Look no further. Our September Sessions: Blackberry, a Berliner-style Wheat Ale, is now available in the Tasting Room.

The Marketing team was able to get a sneak peek of September Sessions getting brewed back in July. There’s nothing more thrilling than seeing a new batch of beer being created before its release. You know that feeling when you accidentally stumble upon a Christmas present five days before Christmas? You’re shocked, excited, and can’t wait to rip open that present on Christmas Day. That’s how it feels being in the brew house watching our brewers create beer that hasn’t been released yet. We’re shocked, excited, and can’t wait to crack open a cold one on release day, which is usually months and months away.

We watched our Lead Brewer, Brad Young, mix the ingredients that make up September Sessions in his pilot system. It’s hard to not be mesmerized by the process. For starters, it seems like a workout in and of itself

[Ed note: You go, Brad! See the picture below for proof.]

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We watched as Brad added the blackberry puree into the whirlpool, turning it into a slightly pink color.

Ed note: [Don’t worry – this has nothing to do with Barbie and everything to do with blackberries.]

Whirpooling is a method that our brewers use to separate hop pellets and trub. They add whatever is going in, often it’s hops but in this case it’s blackberry puree, then spin it, making a whirlpool. From there, the hops and trub collect in the center of the kettle, making it possible for our Brewers to extract clean wort from the side.

[Ed note: The picture above was taken at our pilot brewhouse, where beers are tested at a small scale before moving them up to the bigger brewhouse for production.]

We were able to get a mini sampling of September Sessions days before the release and it was better than imagined. It’s sweet, tart, and perfect for enjoying throughout the month in our Tasting Room or Beer Garden, as it’s only available at the brewery. Whether our September days are filled with lingering summer temperatures, or crisp fall mornings, September Sessions is the perfect beer to sip, savor, and embrace the curveball of weather that Mother Nature likes to throw us as we transition into fall. September Sessions is only available in our Tasting Room, so make sure to stop by for Labor Day weekend!

September Sessions is made with real blackberry puree and this crisp beer delivers a perfect balance of snappy tartness and subtle sweetness. September is the only time of year when surfers can enjoy crisp mornings, tranquil beaches, cooler water, and a mix of swells - all perfectly paired with this sessionable brew.

September Sessions is a Tasting Room only release, so come visit us at the brewery to enjoy this brew in our Beer Garden or purchase a 4-pack to go in our Brewtique for $14.99 + tax.

Summer may be coming to an end, but when you’re drinking one of our Cape May Brewing Company beers every day feels like a vacation.

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