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Feb 4, 2022 • Beverage Updates + Releases

Key Lime Corrosion Returns!

Key Lime Corrosion seems like it’s a fairly new creation: a variant of our unique sour IPA Corrosion that was canned just a few years ago, but it actually got its start long before that.

The first time we brewed it, it was for a pie-themed event for Philly Beer Week in 2016. We’ve brewed it as a one-off a few times since, but its popularity has been undeniable.

In early 2020, right before everything changed drastically for our industry, we put a keg on tap, and the brew kicked in a day. Yep, in just seven hours.

When we had to shift away from draft after bars and venues closed during the height of the pandemic, we had some space to bring in a Tasting Room-only can release, and our first post-pandemic in May of 2020 was 16-ounce Key Lime Corrosion cans.

Needless to say, it was a hit yet again!

In February of last year, we scaled up Key Lime Corrosion, giving it its own 12-ounce can design and releasing it out in the world for folks to enjoy.

Of course, in the madness that was 2021, there might be some of you out there who have yet to try this delicious brew.

Like all great things, including The Bog, Corrosion got its start as a happy happenstance.

In 2014, we brewed up some Tower 23, our former berliner weisse, and pulled the few kegs we needed off.

There was still a lot more that we didn’t necessarily need right away. Production Planning Manager Brian Hink took the chance to trial it with some different brews, just to see how things would turn out.

He trialed it with Devil’s Reach and IPA…then with Coastal Evacuation.

It was game over from there.

That original mixture of 50-50 Tower 23 and Coastal became Corrosion, and the Key Lime variant soared into being not long after.


It’s still pretty rare to find sour IPAs even now, and we’re pretty proud of ours. Whatever you think about sours or IPAs, this brew is certainly something all on its own. Check out what folks had to say about this one:

“Nailed it.”—Cindi V.

“Seltzer-like sour, really tastes a lot like key lime!”—Katherine H.

“Limey and refreshing.”—Jack S.

“Ok I HATE IPAs pretty much universally. But this one was really more of a sour, or like…if Limeade Shandy was a thing. I thought it was really refreshing…”—Hayley V.

“Not a big sour guy, but this one is pretty good. Very limey, shouldn’t get scurvy anytime soon.”—Slice V.

Hmm…so it’s not quite like an IPA, not quite like a sour…best of both worlds, maybe?

If you’re a fan, make sure you make note to stock up this weekend or go to your local retailer starting next week to grab some. Key Lime Corrosion is available starting today, February 4th, from our Tasting Room, and you’ll be able to find it throughout New Jersey starting Monday, February 7th, and at retailers throughout Delaware and Pennsylvania later this month.

If you haven’t had Key Lime Corrosion yet, we want to hear your thoughts on it! Leave a review on Untappd or hit us up @capemaybrewco!