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Apr 7, 2022 • Beverage Updates + Releases

Hard Lemonade: Returning to a Shelf Near You

If you visited our Tasting Room last summer, or saw the hype on social media, you might remember a little brew called On the Way to Cape May No. 004: Boardwalk Lemonade. We released this over Fourth of July weekend exclusively in the Tasting Room, and it sold out so fast that we quickly put together another run!

This year, we knew we had to bring this one back, so we’re thrilled to announce that our boardwalk-style Hard Lemonade will be available in 12-ounce cans throughout the region starting this month!

We’re dropping this brew early in the Tasting Room for those who can’t wait to secure some, but if you don’t have any plans to come down to the shore, don’t worry! You’ll be able to find Hard Lemonade in Delaware, New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania all summer—just keep an eye out for the gorgeous purple and yellow wraps!

Hard Lemonade is 5.0% ABV, and made with lemon juice, cane sugar, and alcohol for a beverage that is balanced and refreshing.

“For our packaging design, we wanted to do something special to give it a distinct look from the rest of our products while still retaining our fun, creative style,” says Cape May Brewing Company Marketing Director Alicia Grasso. “Ultimately, this is a craft hard lemonade brewed with the same care and attention to detail as our other products.”

“The focus on this product was to keep it simple and make traditional lemonade using lemon juice, water, sugar and just add alcohol from there,” says Chief Brewing Officer Brandon Greenwood. “After that, all we had to do is treat this product with care to complement and highlight each of these vibrant flavors.”

We’ve loved getting to try our hand at some delicious non-beer offerings, from our seltzers to our seltzer-based Tasting Room options, so we can’t wait for more folks to try this one! Take a look at what fans of the original had to say:

“Absolutely fantastic taste just like homemade lemonade with just a little bit of bubbles.”—Joe D.


“Amazing. Tastes just like lemonade. Delicious.”—Al G.

“Perfect summer lemonade.”—Eileen S.

“Legit boardwalk lemonade…wow…”—Kevin C.

“Mike’s would be jealous.”—Richard W.

“All day drink!”—Jaime E.

“Dangerously easy to drink.”—Bryan F.

“Just like lemonade. No BS malt liquor flavor…”—Rob

“Refreshing with a slight tartness. Not syrupy sweet.”—Joe S.

“Most delicious drink I’ve ever tasted.”—Jenn D.

If you’re looking for Hard Lemonade, you can order some here for pickup in our Tasting Room this weekend, or stay tuned to our Beer Finder when retailers start getting this brew later this month!