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Strawberry radler

Sep 23, 2021 • Deep Dive

Goodbye Summer, Hello Strawberry Radler & Sea Mistress!

Another week, another set of awesome releases to check out! This time, we have Strawberry Radler, a release that will be on draft in the Tasting Room and available in 6-packs to-go from the Brewtique, and Sea Mistress, a draft-only release that you can try in a pint or flight, or go for gold and dust off that standard glass growler (the only ones we can fill at this time!) and grab a 32 or 64-oz fill. We also have growlers available to purchase when you stop by!

Strawberry Radler is a radler - hah, bet you didn’t guess that! - and at 2.5%, many of you may be shaking your heads in disbelief.

Is that a misprint? Typo? Is it even beer?!

Yep, it definitely is! While Strawberry Radler may be our lowest ABV offering, it still packs a punch of flavor. Much like its sibling/twin the shandy, radlers are usually half beer/half citrus soda. (For reference, shandies are typically part beer, part juice or lemonade).

However, you may come across variations that interchange the two, and for many brands, the terms may be indistinguishable, so it depends on the drink.

What people may not realize is that both of these styles are essentially premade beer cocktails!

If you love The Bog, The Grove, The Purp, or Strawberry Sunset, chances are you’re going to dig Strawberry Radler as well.

While the shandy was born out of a need to make a lower ABV offering that people could enjoy, the radler actually came to be in the early 1900s when a Bavarian beer garden owner was running low on beer, and, desperate for a solution to keep his cyclist patrons happy, mixed in some citrus juice with his remaining batch to serve everyone.

(Ed. note: Fun fact! Did you know radler translates to cyclist in German?)

This is a great beer for activities, and you best believe we passed out some exclusive early samples for our cornhole tournament this week too, which you can read here!



Ah, do you hear that?

It’s the dulcet tones of the sweet Sea Mistress calling to us. Or maybe we’ve just been spacing out for too long staring longingly at our pint glass.

You might remember Sea Mistress from as early as 2015, when it was first released, and the last time it graced our tap lines was in 2017.

Unlike some of our other IPA offerings, Sea Mistress is a session IPA, coming in at just 4.2%. Yep, you read that right!

If you love our hoppy offerings, but are leery about the heavy ABVs on the can, this is the perfect drink for you.

Like Strawberry Radler, this is one you can crush multiple pints of to unwind after a long day or while escaping the lingering summer heat.

It’s hop-forward brew with a dry, crisp, and refreshing finish.

This low ABV offering still packs in a ton of flavor from the hops, including citrus and lightly tropical notes from the Simcoe and Amarillo hops. This year, we swapped out Ekuanot hops for Citra, because, let’s be real, who doesn’t love a little Citra mixed in?

Starting today, Friday, September 24th, Strawberry Radler is available exclusively in the Cape May Tasting Room for a limited time on draft and in cans, and Sea Mistress is available only on draft in our Cape May Tasting Room and in growlers to-go. You can also find it in taps throughout New Jersey starting Monday, September 27th.

Have a few pints of these and let us know what you think; we hope you enjoy!

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