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Apr 13, 2023 • Deep Dive

Good Times & Tan Limes!

Tan Limes brings you that first sip of the summer feeling.

What is that “first sip of the summer” feeling, you ask? We’ll tell you.

It’s that feeling when your toes are in the sand, your beach chair is slightly reclined, you’re surrounded by family and friends, and your cooler is stocked with your favorite CMBC brews. You reach in, pulling out an ice-cold Tan Limes, and crack it open. The smell and taste of fresh, zesty limes is exactly what you needed. You take that first sip and your shoulders relax a bit. You’re only a few hours away from a No Shower Happy Hour. Summer is finally here and you’re enjoying the moment.

[Ed note: Can we all agree that a No Shower Happy Hour is the best invention since sliced bread?]

This is why Tan Limes is loved by so many! That first sip reminds you that warmer, happier days are not far away.

We did a Q & A on our Instagram page to find out what it is that our fans enjoy about Tan Limes so much. Here are some of the responses we got:

“Definitely the lime flavor without the need to actually buy and slice the lime! #lazylimelover”

- @vilanova00

“EVERYTHING!! It just screams summertime and day drinks!” - @coopatroopa6

“It’s the best summer beer!” - @supersoccerscott

“Summer in a can!” - @lisa224ellis

“It’s the perfect balance of lime and salt.” - @jana_curls_and_coldbrew

“Easy beach drinking beer!” - @missybrax

“The cool refreshing taste of summer in a can at the pool or beach!” - @becksk80

“It has that perfect kiss of lime.” - @madelinejalbert

“Easy drinking and you can float tequila on the top. Just a refreshing beer and delicious summer beer.” - @mrmasse40

“It pairs perfectly with tacos!!” - @kay_deluke

Speaking of tacos, Tan Limes pairs well with a lot of traditional Mexican dishes. From quesadillas, to chips and guacamole, to nachos, the flavors of lime and the touch of locally-harvested sea salt in our brew compliments these meals.

[Ed note: Is your stomach rumbling or is it just ours?]

Tan Limes is available in 6-packs in our Brewtique for purchase or on draft in our Tasting Room starting this Friday, April 14th! It is also rolling out to NJ, PA, and DE retailers now, so get it for your next Backyard BBQ or Taco Tuesday!