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Mar 10, 2022 • Deep Dive

Go Green This Week!

While you don’t need to have green beer or even an Irish beer to celebrate St. Patty’s Day in style, we DO have a number of green things you can pick up this weekend to get in the spirit of going green for St. Patty’s Day!

Like we said, your beer liquid doesn’t have to be green, or Irish, BUT, what if the can was green?


Tan Limes (out now for the season, and out in the wild starting Monday!) has a vibrant green can and this crisp lager goes great with everything. Not to mention, at 4.5%, you can enjoy more than one this weekend, or next Thursday on the holiday!


Snag & Drop was one of our first releases for the year, and this Triple IPA really knows how to get the party started.


If you like your limes with a bit more key to them, Key Lime Corrosion also has a light green logo that’s perfect for the occasion.


Of course, if you REALLY want to be festive, why not grab some of our Irish dessert-inspired Irish Potato? It’s an incredibly popular brew that sells out fast, so place your pre-orders now if you plan to partake this week!

We also have some green swag you can rock!


Our Women’s Message Scoop Neck tee is a nice dark green to switch things up. Not to mention the material is super soft and comfortable.


Our Threadfast Zip Up adds a great layer you can wear in case it gets cool out, which, with this weather, who knows, right?!


Message in the Bottle Long Sleeve might not be traditionally green, but that’s the best part! No obnoxious, bright green for you! You’re classy. Besides, if anyone tries to call you out on it, you can proudly remind them of what a wonderful spectrum of colors green offers!


Crafted Mermaid Tee is easy, readily available, and works great as a gift as well! Great for those who want a simple, basic tee!


Of course, you also can’t go wrong with our Brew Co. Tee, which we have in a dark green color that fits like a charm and provides an added benefit of having that perfect lived-in feel.

You can check out the brews mentioned above online at our shop, or find Snag & Drop or Key Lime Corrosion near you through our Beer Finder! Tan Limes will also be hitting shelves next week in a new 12-pack, so keep an eye out!

Explore more of our merch and swag at our online store!