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Boatrampchamp blog 71521

Jul 15, 2021 • Beverage Updates + Releases

Folks Are Loving Boat Ramp Champ

Boat Ramp Champ, our collaboration brew with The Qualified Captain, has been a massive hit. So much so that we decided to bring this brew back! Starting this week, you can find this beer throughout the region.

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, or need a reminder on why it’s so darn good, check out what these satisfied beer fans had to say!

“Cape May Brewing and Qualified Captain, who could ask for a better pairing.”—Keegan R.

“Great collaboration!! Enjoyed this one at the brewery and got a sweet beer glass to go.”—Gary K.

“Very well executed Helles. Great with food.”—Phillip C.

“This is awesome!”—@mozic7

“Very solid Helles.”—Justin F.

“Super light.”—Xtian T.

“Love it.”—@stormboen

“Nice lager.”—Brittany P.

“2nd pour...decent!”—Anthony D.

“So good.”—@thesaltybookworm

“Great beer for the beach!”—John S.

“It is delicious.”—@roguemedic1

“Has a sweetness I wasn’t expecting.”—Adam M.


“Solid ass lager. Very nice tasting.”—Derek H.

“OMGOODNESS So good.”—joanne_redmond13

“I definitely enjoy this.”—John Z.

“Right up my alley!”—Shelby D.

“Not usually a lager guy, but this is delicious.”—John B.

“Quality beverage. Can’t beat a good helles.”—@kcrossan268

“A nice, light Helles. Drink cold for best results.”—Hop H.


“Very good!!”—@beachg6502

“Solid.”—Erin F.

“So enjoyable!”—Zene C.

“Light and crisp. Mild flavor. Crushable.”—James W.

“I’ve been drinking it every weekend for three weeks. They really nailed it with this one.”—@joshludlam

“Decent.”—Ally W.

“Good summer lager.”—Brian S.

“This beer is so damn good.”—@lieutenant_dano

“Delicious and refreshing.”—@1hoppyguy