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H Psnowblog1

Jan 20, 2022 • Deep Dive

Five Brews to Enjoy When It's Cold Out

The cold weather and winter storms just keep rolling through, so we’re always looking for brews to help us get through the snow, rain, and frigid temps. Here’s five brews we love to reach for in the winter!

1. Devil’s Reach

This one is one of our flagship beers, but we still think it doesn’t get quite enough love! It’s bold, has a ton of body, and some unexpected fruit character that really finishes everything off nicely. It’s one that truly does implore you to explore more of the deep, and we have a soft spot for our octopus logo!

“I've always been struck by the aroma of DR... mineral or brine-like but still lively and fruity. Flavor continues that with dried banana, yeast, and fruitiness with a modest bitterness charging the finish.” —Jason S. on Untappd

“Really smooth and light tasting for a 8.6%.” —Ryan on Untappd

2. Honey Porter

Cold weather is for stouts and porters. They’re rich, layered, and the perfect balm to soothe the chill in the air. We’re so stoked that you can enjoy Honey Porter out of its very own can now. It’s been a long time coming, and now there’s even more ways to enjoy this brew!

“With a sweet hint of honey, it goes down smooth for a porter thanks to its balanced, robust, and light-bodied finish.” —Allan M. on Untappd

“Incredible porter, light and sweet!” —Christopher R. on Untappd

3. Always Ready

We recently had some Always Ready on tap over at Charlie’s in Somers Point, and it is tasting MIGHTY good right now! It’s always here for you, throughout the year, and winter time slumps are no exception.

“Very nice, light and drinkable.” —MrNoMoniker on Untappd

“Mildly tart & fruity. Easy drinking.” —Harvey T. on Untappd

4. Cape May IPA

You can’t go wrong with our signature brew! It’s light, refreshing, and the perfect mix of all the things you love about clean West-coast style IPAs and hazy East-coast style IPAs. We even have this brew in new 19.2-ounce cans to enjoy, for those cold days when you really just want to curl up on the couch and not have to get up to refresh your beer for a while.

“Clear, crisp, mild hops…” —Will M. on Untappd

“Pretty damn good for an IPA.” —Skylar B. on Untappd

5. Our new COLD IPA…

Get it? Because it’s a Cold IPA? Heh. Ok, ok, in all seriousness, though, this is our newest release! We’re so excited to collaborate with Workhorse Brewing Company in PA for this one. Our team went up to King of Prussia to check out the canning of their version, and their team came to visit us here in Cape May to kick off our canning run of this brew! You can check out more about Cut From the Same Cloth here and order some 4-packs here.

If you’re looking for these brews, you can find the first four near you by checking out which accounts sell our brews in our Beer Finder, or you can place an order online here if you’re near the Cape May area! Cut From the Same Cloth, our new Cold IPA, will be available throughout New Jersey starting Monday, January 24th.