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Feb 11, 2022 • Beverage Updates + Releases

Double Crushed For the Win

Taking to Untappd this week to check out what people thought about our last release of Double Crushed, Kaitlin C. implored us to “BRING THIS BACK.”

So you know what, Kaitlin, we did! Just for you.

…Just kidding. We actually brought this one back because it’s insanely popular and an oft-discussed beer among Crushin’ It fans, fans of our Imperial brews, and really anyone who’s tried this one. It was a no brainer to have it return to our Tasting Room!

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what folks had to say:


Tim H. rated this one four and a half stars with this awesome pic. Where did you get the glass, Tim?! Too cool.

“Whoa…..12%!”—Tim D.

(Ed. note: It was very nearly 16%, to double our Crushin’ It’s 8%! But that would have been ridiculous…)

“Awesome treat…”—Brad M.

“Huge win for me. I love orange and grapefruit. . . . Would never know it is 12%.”—Scott S.


Tyler T. chose to enjoy this one last year out of one of our OG pint glasses! Look at that logo! Brings back memories…

“Yikes. Goes down easy.”—Andrew P.

(Ed. note: Given the high rating Andrew gave here, we’re gonna take that yikes as a good thing!)

“Deliciously dangerous.”—Michael G.

(Ed. note: This one definitely captures our own thoughts on this brew!)

“Delishhh.”—Brian F.

(Ed. note: That’s a lot of shhhh…you know it must be good.)

“Very fruity and sweet, high alcohol content to boot (12%).”—Tom S.

(Ed. note: You know, the essentials.)


Oh hey, we recognize that glass from our neighbors, Carl M.!

“Love it!”—Tom R.

“Outstanding..The sweet orange cuts the strong hop taste.”—B S.

“The original on steroids. Smooth citrus. Hides abv well.”—Ryan S.

“Eeeeeee!”—Jen W.

(Ed. note: Uh oh. Hopefully we didn’t scare Jen too much!)

“Soooo good.”—Lisa S.

Juicy and hoppy. Delicious beer”—Lara G.

“Wowee what a beer. Orange trouble for sure.”—Brian L.


Mac A., that Double Crushed looks great in a Flyers glass!

“Oh mama! Nose is orange juice concentrate. Lemon to start. Nice balance of orange juice and hops. Not too boozy. Lots of mimosa vibes. Great for brunch. Slight Negroni flavors, too.”—Greg J.

“This is the easiest drinking 12 percenter around.”—Tom W.

If you like mimosas and screwdrivers and hazy IPAs, you'll like it.”—Vin

(Ed. note: Yes, yes, and double yes!)

“Super Orange🍊Super Strong🍊🍊Super Burnt aftertaste🍊☄️🔥🔥☄️🍊quad hopped 🍊🍊🍊🍊traveled well from one Cape to the other❗️❗️”—Joe M.

(Ed. note: That…that’s a lot of emojis.)

“Tastes like a beer mimosa, with a hell of a kick.”—Zach F.

“Fruity and delightful!”—Chris B.

“Insert *I’m in danger* meme here”—Ryan O.

Here you go, Ryan:


“Holy citrus. Cape May dumps a ton of orange and grapefruit juice into this triple IPA and everything melds together nicely into a potent 12%er. Without the grapefruit juice, things would get too sweet but the bitter edge rides nicely with the hops.”—David W.

Looking to grab your own 4-pack? Double Crushed is available exclusively in our Cape May Tasting Room starting today, February 11th, for a limited time. It goes without saying, but this one definitely won’t be in the coolers long, so make sure to take some time to come grab this one if you can!

You can place an order for pickup at our online store.

Enjoy responsibly, and cheers!