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Devils Reach

Aug 17, 2023 • Beverage Updates + Releases

Double The Delight

Why do we love Fridays so much at Cape May Brew Co.? Well, besides the obvious that it’s Friday and on Fridays, our team gathers around the Tasting Room at 4 pm like animals do around the watering hole, on Friday our newest release of the week is finally available.

You’re in for a treat, because we have not one, but TWO releases this week.

We love re-inventing the wheel and keeping things fresh at the brewery, but we also enjoy bringing back beverages that our fans already love.

We love nothing more than hearing about the first time you cracked open your now favorite CMBC product, who you shared it with, where you were, and why you liked it so much.

Without further ado, we’re excited to celebrate the return of…. Devil’s Reach and Hard Root Beer Float!

Devil’s Reach is our Belgian-Style Ale. Fruity and light, the complexity and character of Devil’s Reach come from a robust Belgian yeast. Deceptively simple, caution is demanded because, before you know it, Devil’s Reach has swallowed you whole. This is one of our multi-seasonal brews, so it pairs with anything from fish and grilled vegetables to warm soups and pumpkin pies.

Here’s what some of our friends from Untappd were saying about Devil’s Reach!

“10/10 beer can design.” - Chris N.

“Lovely.” - Doug H.

“Spectacular! Pairs well with a salad featuring Haven Hot chicken… yummmmm.” - Travis

“First beer on my birthday crawl in Cape May! It was very nice!” - Simone S.

“Easy drinking in a good way. A good high alcohol beach beer.” - Chris S.

Nothing is more nostalgic than a root beer float. Everyone has had their first experience drinking it! Whether you were at a diner with your grandparents, your favorite ice cream shop, or making one in your very own kitchen, a root beer float is a classic. This Hard Root Beer Float gives you this experience right out of the can. Take home a sweet treat you can share with friends and family that will instantly transport you back to the shore.

Read what fans were saying about Hard Root Beer Float on Untappd!

“Damn this tastes just like a root beer float would.” - Greg B.

“Crazy good.” - John B.

“It’s basically like Not Your Father’s Root Beer, but creamier!” - Matt H.

“Really dig this! Rootbeer and black licorice mmmm” - Ian

“Very drinkable. Definitely tastes like rot beer and not overly sweet.” - Gene

Devil’s Reach and Hard Root Beer Float are now available in our Tasting Room on draft and in our Brewtique to-go! Stop in and treat yourself to a cold one.