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Mar 9, 2023 • Deep Dive

Dive Headfirst into our New Brew!

Our newest double IPA is ideal for all beer drinkers, both old and new! Now available in a four-pack, Divemaster is an easy-drinking and approachable beer that you’ll surely love.

Just as the divemaster leads others during diving trips, this Mosaic-forward Double IPA will be sure to guide your tastebuds through an exciting journey. On the surface, this hazy brew brings strong, yet balanced juicy melon aromas. Explore below to uncover herbal flavors, along with a soft, caramel malt sweetness that will leave you wanting more.

We wanted to dive deeper (see what we did there?) into the brewing process behind this beer, so we interviewed our Director of Brewing Operations, James Fox. He gave us the full scoop and now we’re giving it to you!

Q: Tell us a little bit about the thought process behind Divemaster. What made you want to brew this specific type of IPA?

A: I have always been a huge fan of a well done Mosaic pale ale. I wanted to take the drinkability and delicious hop characteristic of those beers and scale it up into an imperial IPA. This let us take those great melon and berry characteristics of Mosaic hops, which we paired with Cashmere to make a deliciously melody of tropical fruit flavors.

Q: What do you love most about this beer? And why do you think fans will love it?

A: I really love how drinkable this beer is. It is very approachable and the malt profile really lets those juicy hop characteristics shine through. It's easy to forget that it is 8% ABV.

Q: What makes Divemaster different from beers we have brewed in the past?

A: This uses a slightly different malt profile and hop blend than we have previously done. The base malt is 50% blended with Marris Otter which gives the beer a nice creamy mouthfeel and body with just a small bit of crystal malt to round everything out.

Q: What flavors are most prominent in Divemaster?

A: Fruit, fruit, and more fruit! Definitely one of the more juicy IPA's we have made. You will notice a whole array of different fruit flavors. The Mosaic hops contribute a nice blend of peach, passionfruit, and berry. While the Cashmere hops layer in some melon and lemon/lime characteristics on top of that. There is quite a nice balance of these flavors in there so every sip you may notice a new flavor in every layer.

Q: What was your favorite part about brewing Divemaster?

A: My favorite part of brewing this beer was watching it evolve throughout the process, and evolve it did! At each step we could taste how it was doing, and while there were some tasty moments along the way, it really didn't reach its delicious final form until just before we were ready to package. This beer definitely shows the importance in taking your time and letting beer condition with the right circumstances to bring out the best flavors.

Divemaster will be available in the Tasting Room and in the Brewtique starting Friday, March 10th and will be rolling out to retailers in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania the week of March 13th!