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Cut Fromthe Same Clothblog1

Jan 21, 2022 • Beverage Updates + Releases

Cut From the Same Cloth: A CMBC x Workhorse Collaboration

Sometimes…something beautiful happens in this world…and this week, it’s the release of our awesome collaboration with Workhorse Brewing Company!

Cut From the Same Cloth was born from the idea to take styles that we both love to create and try something new.

“We share a number of values, but our biggest similarity would be the Workhorse mantra ‘without quality, there cannot be growth.’ The liquid in the can is fantastic, the artwork on the cans speaks to their brand, and they take pride in making beer right for the consumer to have a great experience,” shares Cape Beverage General Manager Justin Vitti.

Both Cape May Brewing Company and Workhorse Brewing Company are part of the Cape Beverage family so that our brews can reach every corner of Jersey.

The folks at Workhorse are awesome, and we knew we wanted to do something fun to celebrate with them!

Cut From the Same Cloth is our version of the Cold IPA!

“Cape Beverage wants to get that great liquid and that experience into the hands of the beer drinkers of New Jersey. Cape May has done a great job in fostering relationships with other organizations to bring commonality in the form of great liquid and a fun product. They leverage their experiences and brand in the beer market to get the most out of these collaborations. The focus is on how the breweries can benefit from each other's strengths and perspectives: great liquid, fun experiences, and an overall fantastic collaborative product,” says Vitti.

“Both Cape May and Workhorse are breweries dedicated to craft, quality, and innovation, so exploring this new style was the perfect fit,” notes Cape May Brewing Company Marketing Director Alicia Grasso.

Workhorse is known for their crisp, clean lagers, and here at CMBC we’re perhaps best known for our signature Cape May IPA. We took both of these to create an entirely new way to imbibe.

Combining the ultra-crisp aspects of lager by using Pilsner malt and Lager yeast, and the hop character and higher ABV elements of IPAs, Cut From the Same Cloth is a 7% Cold IPA dry-hopped with Citra, Bru-1, Rakau.

“Overall, the body is light, and it finishes crisp, recreating the experience of drinking a clean lager while enjoying some of the best characteristics that hops have to offer,” says CMBC Chief Brewing Officer Brandon Greenwood. “It's an easy-drinking beer that has a lot of nuance and elements to explore.”

Workhorse’s version is also known by the same name, but it’s a Cold Black IPA brewed with German malt and Lager yeast, creating a richly dark brew with light malt aromas and a layered body.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the amazing team at Cape Beverage over the past five months,” shares Workhorse Brewing Company’s New Jersey Market Manager Bill Miller. “In my eyes, this collaboration is a symbol of trust and commitment, and I'm thrilled at the opportunity to introduce the Garden State to a delicious style of beer.”

We were super fortunate to have our very own Production Planning Manager Brian Hink and Social Media & Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg visit the Workhorse folks up in King of Prussia, and the Workhorse team even came down to see us here in Cape May to kick off canning this week!

You can grab your own 4-pack of Cut From the Same Cloth starting today, Friday January 21st from our Tasting Room, and starting Monday, January 24th, you’ll be able to find both versions throughout New Jersey. Folks in Pennsylvania will be able to snag the Workhorse version! Check out our Beer Finder to find where you can grab our brews!


Located in King of Prussia, PA, Workhorse has been churning out top-notch brews since August 2018. Workhorse is known for their core brands: New England IPA, West Coast IPA and Golden Lager; however, they are becoming renowned for their incredible sour ales, one of which landed them a Silver Medal at the 2021 Great American Beer Festival (Prickly Pear Margarita Gose). With a 5,000 square-foot taproom, guests can try all their favorite core and limited seasonal beers with a view right into their brewhouse. If guests can’t make it out to the brewery, they’ll be able to find Workhorse on retailer shelves throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Workhorse strives to create a welcoming and enjoyable experience for all craft beer lovers with each beer made right. For more information, see Workhorse Brewing Company’s website at or on Instagram @workhorsebrewingcompany.