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Jun 12, 2024 • Deep Dive

CMBC Gifts for Dad

Father's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to show your appreciation with Cape May Brewery gifts that perfectly match your dad's unique personality and interests. Whether he's into hitting the beach, sailing the seas, or just enjoying a cold brew, we’ve got something special for every kind of dad. Check out these fun and thoughtful gifts that will make his day extra special.

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1. Mermaid in a Bottle Tank

Do you know a dad that’s the kind of guy who believes that when the sun’s out, the guns are out? The Mermaid in a Bottle Tank is the perfect gift for the dad who loves to show off his biceps while soaking up the sun. This tank top is not only stylish but also a great conversation starter with its fun mermaid design. Ideal for beach days, barbecues, or just lounging around, this tank will make your dad the coolest guy on the block.

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2. Boat Ramp Champ Rope Hat

For the captain dad who feels at home on the water, the Boat Ramp Champ Rope Hat is a must-have. This hat combines functionality with a nautical style that’s perfect for boating adventures or casual outings. It’s not just a hat; it’s a statement that he is the undisputed champion of the boat ramp (and, likely, a fan of The Qualified Captain, too!). Help him sail through Father’s Day with this awesome addition to his wardrobe.

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3. Cape May Plate Glass

If dad is proud AF to live in New Jersey (especially Cape May, but anywhere in NJ will work) then the 20oz Cape May Plate Glass is the perfect gift. This beautifully crafted glass features the iconic New Jersey license plate with a Cape May twist, making it a great addition to any glass collection. Whether he’s enjoying a drink on the patio or reminiscing about past trips to the shore, this glass will bring a smile to his face every time he uses it.

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4. Cape May Roadtrip Brumate Trio

Does your father figure enjoy a variety of beverages, including 12 oz and 16oz beers? The Cape May Roadtrip Brumate Trio is the ultimate gift for him. This gift will fit your favorite 16 ounce Cape May cans and includes an adapter for standard 12 ounce cans. Want to skip the can? A quick switch turns this patented 3-in-1 cooler into a 16 ounce pint glass! It’s perfect for the dad who loves to have options and stay refreshed no matter where he is!

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5. Dog Collars and Leashes

For the proud dog dad, our range of Dog Collars and Leashes makes for a thoughtful and practical gift. These high-quality accessories ensure that his furry best friend can strut their stuff in style. Available in various designs and sizes, these collars and leashes are perfect for daily walks, trips to the park, or any adventure the dad in your life and his dog embark on together.

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6. Beer (...of course)

Of course, we can’t forget the ultimate gift for the craft beer-loving dad. With a plethora of options available in our Brewtique and at local stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, you can curate the perfect selection of beers tailored to his taste. From IPAs to Belgians, there’s a brew for every palate. Cheers to celebrating Father’s Day with a toast to the best dad ever!

Make this Father’s Day unforgettable with these fantastic gifts that cater to your the dad in your life, his passions, and his hobbies. Each item is chosen to bring a smile to his face and show him how much you care.

Stop by the Brewtique this week, or visit your local Cape May retailer to pick up a few 6-packs for this weekend.

Happy Father’s Day to all the incredible dads out there!