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Jul 6, 2023 • Beverage Updates + Releases

Blueberry Hard Lemonade

We’re on a roll with bringing back fan favorites! This mouth-puckering release is one that people have been patiently waiting for since February and it’s been hard for us to keep it under wraps. Now that the secret is out, we can finally announce that Blueberry Hard Lemonade is back!

Lemonade and summer go hand-in-hand. Whether you’re enjoying a boardwalk lemonade on a hot summer day at the shore, or buying one from the local lemonade stand in your neighborhood, lemonade is a summer staple that everyone loves.

That’s why we originally created our Hard Lemonade, but last year we decided to put a twist on it! This brew is deliciously balanced with flavors of tart blueberry and sweet lemonade, giving you the best of both worlds. It’s 5% ABV, making it easy drinking and approachable. It’s made with all natural cane sugar, lemon juice, and a kiss of blueberry to pull it all together.

You'll love this brew for happy hours on the beach or backyard barbeques spent with family and friends. Our Blueberry Hard Lemonade is available in 6-pack 12oz cans, which makes enjoying this beverage convenient and easy to transport in your favorite cooler.

“I love this drink because it brings me my favorite flavors in the convenience of a can," says our Digital Marketing Coordinator, Kat Dingee. “There’s no hassle of cutting a lemon or getting blueberries from the grocery store. Our Blueberry Hard Lemonade tastes like it’s freshly squeezed and all I have to do is crack it open to enjoy it.”

Our employees aren’t the only ones that are loving this beverage, here is what some of our fans had to say about last year's release:

“Smells and tastes like a blueberry poptart!” - Bill C.

“Sheesh. What a drink. 100% top notch.” - Roman.

“Sweet but tasty.” - Mike C.

“OMG - This is AMAZZZZING.” - Lucy R.

“Nice sweet summer drink. Nice lemon flavor with a hint of blueberry/tartness.” - Michael T.

“Delicious!” - Loyd W.

We know the weather has been a little unpredictable lately, but luckily for you our Tasting Room is open rain or shine. You can enjoy a Blueberry Hard Lemonade in the comfort of our air conditioning, or underneath our tent in the Beer Garden. When it comes to enjoying our beer, the weather won’t hold you back!

Blueberry Hard Lemonade is now available in the Tasting Room on draft and to-go in the Brewtique for $14.99. We hope you love it as much as we do!