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Mar 23, 2023 • Deep Dive

A lager you'll love!

This week’s spotlight is on one of our flagship beers, Longliner!

Longliner Lager was released back in 2021 and has been a hit amongst fans ever since. Its soft, crisp and balanced flavors make it the perfect brew to enjoy at any point during the year.

Longliner Lager is that beer that you can drink at any occasion.

Celebrating the 4th of July at a BBQ? Bring Longliner with you.

Looking forward to having an ice-cold beer at a baseball tailgate? Longliner is your go-to.

Gearing up for a no shower happy hour? Longliner pairs best with a little sea salt and sunshine after a long day at the beach.

Tired of jelly beans for Easter? Longliner would look pretty good in an adult Easter basket.

Besides its delicious taste, the look of our Longliner Lager is one of a kind. From the green waves on the side of the can, to the iconic Longliner CMBC ship in the middle, this brew stands well alone, while also blending in nicely with our new Variety Pack.

We decided to catch up with one of our very own CMBC experts – Scott McIntyre, Wholesale Market Manager – to chat with him about what he loves about Longliner!

Q: What do you love about our beer, Longliner?

A: I love how crisp and snappy it is! We have so many shandies, IPAs and even Cape May Bubbles, so Longliner is a refreshing change.

Q: Why do you think Longliner works well in our new Variety Pack?

A: The style is somewhat unique to us, and by having it in the Variety Pack, it’s a great sampling opportunity for people who haven’t tried it yet, but have been curious about it.

Q: Is there a common trend you see amongst our fans as to why they enjoy Longliner?

A: Anyone who appreciates craft beer can appreciate how well Longliner is made. Craft beer people know how hard it is to make a good lager and Longliner showcases the talent of our team.

Q: With summer around the corner comes BBQs and tailgates. Are there any summer dishes that pair well with Longliner?

A: Any seafood on the grill! Fish tacos would be great, or any food that is light and summery/acidic. Longliner is light, crisp and easy to drink with another meal that is also light and not super heavy.

Q: What makes Longliner a drinkable beer all year round?

A: Lagers can’t be pigeon-holed! The flavor is a beer that you would enjoy drinking on a cold winter night in December or on the hottest day of the year.

Head to our Beer Finder to find a 6-pack of Longliner or a Variety Pack near you! It's also available in our Tasting Room in 12-packs and on draft.