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Maintenance Technician

As a maintenance technician you will be responsible for all things concerning maintenance of brewing and packaging equipment.


As a maintenance technician you will be responsible for all things concerning maintenance of brewing and packaging equipment, including making immediate repairs, building and implementing a preventative maintenance program, and educating staff on proper equipment usage. Along with equipment maintenance, you will also be responsible for facilities upkeep and general repairs in the Brewery. You will represent and promote Cape May Brewery in a positive manner to guests, local residents and the general public.

Essential Job Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Lead by example in upholding the Company's Core Values and promoting a positive and constructive working environment
  • Must be able to work in and promote a team-oriented and "Safety First" environment.
  • Safely, efficiently and effectively work to attain department and brewery goals and objectives.
  • Diagnose and repair all machinery and process system malfunctions, must be fluent in mechanical and electrical troubleshooting.
  • Diagnose and repair all mechanical power transmission equipment-knowledge of Gearboxes, mechanical drives, and variable speed applications.
  • Diagnose and repair hydraulic and pneumatic systems-knowledge of Cylinders, valves, manifolds, vacuum systems, air filtration and lubrication devices.
  • Proficient in knowledge of bearings, pulleys, chain drives, belt drives, and lubricants standards and applications.
  • Diagnose and repair motors, breakers, switches, starters, relays, timers, photo/ultrasonic sensors, level and pressure switches, and power supplies
  • Building and implementing a preventative maintenance program and ensuring that schedule is adhered to
  • Maintaining all secondary facility equipment, such as the boiler, glycol system, air compressor, and cold storage chillers
  • Performing general building maintenance, including repairs on the building and appliances, as well as installations
  • Responsible for diagnostics, repair, maintain and calibrate brewery processes, electrical control systems, and instrumentation. Must be proficient with PLCs and related controls.
  • Maintaining spare parts inventories
  • Managing and or assisting projects undertaken by third party contractors
  • Participating in regularly scheduled departmental meetings to review issues and propose solutions
  • Ensure that the work area is clean and organized
  • Constantly strive for improvement by looking for ways to make things better, safer, faster or by reducing costs
  • Liaison key technical information to customers, including Engineering, Quality, operations, and maintenance. Must be proficient in reporting and maintaining work, control data, and systems.
  • Maintain accurate records and data.
  • Assist in other areas of the brewery on an as-needed basis

Position Requirements:

  • 21 years of age or older
  • Prior experience as a Maintenance Technician, working with liquid handling and packaging equipment
  • Minimum of 4+ years' experience and knowledge of personal/process control computers, programmable logic controllers (PLC), and Networking devices.
  • High School Diploma/GED, or higher

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Our core values

1. Be a Pro

Reliable and dependable • Take action and see it through • Lead by example • Think before you react


Ashley Pike

Ashley personally delivered replacement beer to customers in Reading and Harrisburg, which made the customers very happy!

2. Be Direct, Honest & Respectful

Be objective, not personal • Listen first • Value other people’s time

Jason Dvaluespage

Jason Dunston

Jason stepped up to address issues that were bothering him in a Direct, Honest, & Respectful manner. Not only was he a total pro doing it, he also made suggestions to Make It Better moving forward! Thanks for setting such an awesome example, Jason!

3. Foster Creativity

Give your intuition a chance • Try something new • Share ideas and communicate openly • Embrace change

JP Thomas

JP Thomas

Shoutout to JP for his work on the Blueberry Cobbler! When Brian was trialing flavors, he ended up at a bit of a crossroads. JP made a suggestion to add another flavor that we had in stock from a one-off and it turned out amazing! The beer tastes awesome! Thanks for fostering creativity, being resourceful, and making it better, JP!

4. Be a Good Neighbor

Give back and create positive change • Help others • Turn caring into doing • Be empathetic, reliable, and accessible

Danielle Brasch Crew Page

Danielle Brasch

Thank you to ODB & her fiance/honorary Brew Crew Member, Mike! They took time out of their weekend to help some of our Brew Crew members dig out from the blizzard! Thank you both for being Good Neighbors not just to the Brew Crew but to the whole community!

5. Work Safe, Work Smart

See something, say something • No shortcuts • No one is above safety

Zach Tomlincrewpage

Zach Tomlin

Zach used his skill and knowledge of welding to attach handles to our grain mill and Make It Better. This was not only a great help in regards to using the machine, but it makes using the mill much easier to Work Safe, Work Smart. Thanks Zach!

6. Make it Better

Be curious • Constant improvement big and small • Accept and give feedback; we can all get better

Casey Mc Bride

Casey McBride

Casey took extra time out of her already busy schedule to figure out how to use data from our social, ads, and digitial marketing avenues to create excel sheets with charts so that we can see trends virtually. This saves a ton of time trying to set everything up individually and how we can continue to replicate this success. Thanks for always Making It Better, Casey!

7. Have Fun

Celebrate the wins • Take what you do seriously, but not yourself • Make friends

Unnamed 1

Tasting Room Team

Huge shoutout/kudos to the Tasting Room team who decorated/prepared for Floral Friday. Everyone had great spirit, wore awesome floral gear, and made the Tasting Room look and feel like a tropical vacay - with a blizzard only hours away!